August’s Gardens Blog Tour

It’s about that time. August’s Gardens is launching next week and I’m going to be going on a virtual tour with it. Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours was kind enough to pull together a blog tour for me. It’s my first time trying out this method of reaching out to readers, so bear with me. You can find all of the blog tour stops here. I hope you find some interesting material and it becomes an enjoyable way for me to introduce books to you.

I will also be posting an AMA on Reddit Tuesday August 18, 2015 at about 6 p.m. EST. If I remember, I will post a link here. If you’re new to this, all it means is you can show up on Reddit and ask me whatever you want. Note: This will depend on Reddit. Right now, or last time I checked, things are/were a little weird in the Redditsphere, so there are no guarantees that I will be able to conduct a good AMA there. I’ve done it before and really enjoyed it, so I’m going to try. *fingers crossed*