“Rot” will be available through Kindle soon

When I wrote “Rot,” I was entering a short fiction contest that was based on how many downloads each writer could get of his or her short story. In order to enter the contest, I had to make my story available free. Now that the contest is over, I can make the novella-length story available in new places. The first of these is going to be Amazon for one good reason, they let you give your stories away. (Edit: Actually, they don’t do that forever, so read on for my alternative solution.)

I am going to keep “Rot” available free in its digital format. You can still download it at Freeditorial anytime in a few formats. However, that is a very minimally formatted version of the book and it does not include the cover. I am working on specifically formatting the story for Amazon, so you can download it to your Kindle in more than just a rough format and with the cover art.

I will update the site as soon as the new version becomes available. Thanks for reading!

Update: It turns out that I cannot post my story permanently free on Kindle. However, I am going to charge the lowest possible price. I will still have other download options and I will see what I can do about just posting it on my site or something simple like that for you guys.